About Reach Recovery Center

At Reach Recovery Center, we offer kind, non-judgmental, comprehensive healthcare to meet the needs of those suffering from addiction. We follow the American Society of Addiction Medicine guidelines and all of our physicians are Board Certified or Board Eligible in Addiction Medicine.

Our mission is to reach out to addicts wherever they are and to provide them with compassionate and comprehensive medical care. We treat the person, not just the addict, so that he or she can have a meaningful and productive life. We work with each patient on three levels:

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Because drug addiction is psychological as well as physical, addiction treatment often reveals severe disconnect from self, society, and family. We provide personalized, intentional recovery education for each patient as well as educational group sessions led by experienced individuals.

Drug addiction is brain disease. It is a physical condition that cannot be overcome by willpower or counseling alone. That is the reason we have an outpatient treatment program that includes Suboxone and other medical therapies.

Addiction can crush the spirit, which is the reason we offer on-site 12-Step meetings, the true basis of any meaningful and sustainable recovery. We help the addict examine past mistakes and learn to live a new life.

Contact and Hours of Operation

Patient days are every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. while staff is available Monday through Friday nine to five by phone. Contact staff by email or by calling 828-654-0115